Almighty Cleanse 2-Part 7-Day Colon Detox Set Formula 1 & 2

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As seen on TV, the Almighty Cleanse is a gentle but highly effective two-part (two stage or dual action) colon cleanser. One of the most powerful natural cleanses, Almighty Cleanse can work in about 7 days. Includes one bottle Formula 1 Regulate 45 capsules, and 1 bottle Formula 2 Purify 140 capsules. Use once a season (4 times a year) for best results. Remove toxins and parasites from the body, improving your overall health. Often copied, but the Almighty Cleanse is still the best!


On Day One, take one Formula 1 capsule with dinner. Gradually increase dosage by one more Formula 1 capsule each night, until your bowel movements increase in size or frequency. When this happens, stay at that dosage of Formula 1 until you finish the cleansing system.

Start taking the Formula 2 capsules once you notice a change in your bowel habits. You'll now be taking the Formula 1 and Formula 2 capsules each day. For five consecutive days, take seven capsules of Formula 2 with 12 ounces of water four times daily between meals (total 28 capsules of Formula 2 a day.)

Drink plenty of water while on the Almighty Cleanse. Aim for a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to aid with flushing out your system.

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