Sea Veggy Tails Pet Wellness Veg Formula for Dogs & Cats with Rice Bran

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Sea Veg® and stabilized rice bran are now available for your pet! Sea Veggy Tails® Pet Wellness Formula from FarmaSea® is an organic seaweed powder supplement for dogs and cats with our 12 Whole Sea Plant Proprietary Blend in a base of stabilized rice bran (Manna™) with essential amino acids, fatty acids, protein and specialty nutrients to promote optimal pet health and wellness. Pet-pleasing flavor they will love to have every day. Sea Veggy Tails® contains the same vitamins, minerals and nutrients as all our Sea Veg® products. Just sprinkle on their food and watch them lap it up ‒ dogs and cats love it!

One bag, 8 ounces of powder, 30 scoops. Approximately a one month supply for a medium dog up 59 pounds, up to a 4 month supply for toy dogs or cats up to 12 pounds. Dosage varies based on pet size; see supplement label. FREE US Shipping!

Ingredients: Stabilized Rice Bran, Whey Protein Concentrate, Powdered Lecithin, Beef Protein, Beef Liver, Calcium Caseinate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Powdered Fish Oil, Dried Seaweed Blend: FarmaSea® Proprietary Blend*, with additional Rhodophyta - Red Algae, Phaeophyta - Brown Algae, Chlorophyta - Green Algae), Fish Protein Concentrate, Glycogen Complex (from Perna Canaliculus), Egg Albumin, DL-Methionine, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, L-Phenylalanine and L-Tryptophan.

*FarmaSea Proprietary Blend is a combination of 12 different species of edible sea plants proven to enhance the nutritional needs of dogs and cats: Knotted Wrack, Oarweed, Brown Kelp, Wakame, Chinese Nori, Bladderwrack, Dulse, Irish Moss, Sea Lettuce, Laver, Maerl, Channelled Wrack.

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